Dive and snorkel trips

We take the boat out every day for diving, snorkeling and freediving. 

For the regular day trips the boats are planned either to the local dive sites, including the spectacular HTMS Chang shipwreck or to Koh Rang National Park  where we enjoy the clear waters and pristine coral reefs of this protected area. Both main areas have multiple dive sites.

Each area is suited for diving, freediving and snorkeling. The Padi dive and freedive courses are run of the same boat as the fundives, making it possible for family and friends to have a day out together even when doing different activities. The boats have plenty of space making them comfortable for boat joiners as well.

The best time of the year for boattrips is September to May, when the water is blue and crystal clear most of the time. Our "green season" is from June to September, during which time we will go out most days, weather permitting, and mostly the area of Koh Rang national park is the best at that time.

We dive in small groups, all divers are guided by a dive master. Full equipment is included for scubadiving, freediving and snorkeling. It is possible to rent an underwater camera and take your pictures home on a SD card. Whether you are diving, snorkeling of freediving, there is a briefing before you get wet.

If you have never snorkeled and would like to learn how to enjoy this activity to the fullest, you can join our snorkeling course. A professional guide will teach you the proper way to use mask and snorkel, to breathe from the snorkel, and how to move easily with fins in the water. 


Special: Island hopping and diving/snorkeling

In our high season, from November to May, we can offer transfer between the islands of Koh Kood and Koh Chang. You can join for the activity to Koh Rang National Park and after the diving or snorkeling change boats. This way you save time on transport between the two islands. This needs to be requested ahead of time so we can make the sure the boats will meet on the planned date.