Ocean Quest coral propagation course

Coral reefs are some of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet, supporting more species per unit area than any other marine environment. However, the health of coral reefs around the world is in serious decline due to human and natural causes. One solution is helping with the reproduction of coral, or coral propagation.

Sea Shepherd dive, in partnership with Ocean Quest, offers courses in coral propagation using very natural procedures to help the coral reefs grow healthy again.

The founding principle of Ocean Quests’ Coral Propagation Program (CPP) is that the program is only to rebuild damaged reefs, not to create new reefs where they were not previously found. The procedure uses only live rocks and broken coral parts found on the reefs to rehabilitate them, no unnatural items as plastic or cement are brought into the process. 

Our BB instructors and divemaster have trained the Ocean Quest process and we have coral propagation programs on Koh Chang, Koh Kood and Koh Mak, helping the local reefs to grow and recover from damage. 

BB divers offers the 1 day workshop, a 2 day or a one week course about the CPP, it is a great experience to learn about the coral nursery program and how to rehabilitate coral reefs which have suffered from damage caused by human interference or natural causes. Next to this we make local programs where we involve people living here and training them to use this procedure to make reefs stronger, healthier and rehabilitate broken reefs.

Ocean Quest Mission:

Protecting and rehabilitating coral reefs to the benefit of local communities


  • 1 day workshop, introduction for divers and non divers

The coral propagation workshop will teach you the fundamentals of corals and how the coral propagation works. In the workshop you will learn how to propagate the coral from shore or boat, but there is no diving for the workshop particitants. Divers or non divers can follow this training.

  • 2 days course, CPP full course

The 2 day coral propagation workshop will teach you the basics of coral reefs and how to rehabilitate the reefs around you. On our first day we ll go over the theory, on the second day we will go diving and plant coralfragments on the trainings reef.

  • 7 days, 2 days course and 5 days CPP project.

We start this week with the 2 days course, followed by 5 days of coral propagation, taking care of the broodstock reefs and the coral trainings site. This is not just a great way to learn all about coral rehabilitation, you will actively help us to build and rebuild the reefs around the islands.

  • 2 months Eco divemaster training.

The regular divemaster training takes 4 to 6 weeks. For our eco minded divers (aren't we all!) we have a special training where we have added 2 very interesting weeks to the training. First you will learn all about the coral propagation first, then using this knowledge you will dive and work on the excisting coral nurseries or setting up new ones. Give a helping hand to nature whilst learning to become a responsible dive master.