freediver courses

Freediving or Apnea is an exciting sport which is becoming very popular amongst travellers. The freedom of movement in the water, the basic equipment, the option to go freedive anywhere you can find water... once you become a freediver you will quickly be tempted to train and get better depth and breathhold limits. 

Whether you are a complete beginner or did some freediving before, you will be amazed of how much there is still to learn on the Padi freediver course. 

BB freedivers offer a special freedive package with training freediver and advanced freediver, yoga and accomodation for 6 nights, more info at our special trips page.

Discover freediving

Try one day of freediving and learn the basic skills a freediver needs, by practising relaxation and breathing techniques. After the dry training we take a dip in shallow water and learn how to stay under water on one breath.... Once you are comfortable with apnra, we will freedive in the sea. A full day with a great new experience to find out if freediving is going to be your new hobby.

We can offer this "try freediving" training from the shore or joining the boat for a day.

Freediver course

The PADI Freediver is a two day course; you can prepare the theory through selfstudy with the padi touch ap which will be emailed to you. This way you can prepare all theory and watch the skills with videos and reviews. Once you have finished the theory and videos you are ready for action, we will train in our beach center where you will learn more about relaxation and breathing techniques, followed by confined water training in static and dynamic apnea from the beach or in the pool. You will find out all there is to know about the freediving equipment, safety regulations, specialised breathing and the physics & physiology of freediving. You will be amazed of your progres and feel ready for a breathold of 2 minutes with ease.

On your second trainings day we'll take you out to practise your new freediving skills in open water, after this training day you will be able to freedive between 10 to 16 meters. 

*Static apnea: is holding your breath under water as long as you can without moving.

*Dynamic apnea: is swimming as far underwater as you can on a single breath.

Advanced freediver course

The PADI Advanced Freediver course allows you to take your freediving skills to the next level and freedive to a depth of 16 to 24 meters.
The course will continue the journey, focusing even more on your own breatholding time and the more athletic part of the freediving sport. The advanced freediver will help you to push your limits to longer and deeper dives, allowing you to come closer to underwater marine life and create an even stronger connection between body, mind and environment. Many triinees who start the first level continue to become an advanced freediver.

The course takes two days; the theory can be studied first on your padi touch ap. Then we will be on the beach, where skills will be refreshed and improved. There will be more emphasis on stretching and relaxation before a dive, you will push your static and dynamic abilities and practice safety regulations. The second day will be on the boat where you will freedive close to a line to greater depths. You will push your limits and depending on your performance level you will be able to freedive to 24 metres, exploring the ocean and challenging yourself.

Prerequisite to do this course is a PADI Freediver course certificate or qualifying certification from another training organisation and a valid EFR certificate (first emergency responder). If no efr count an extra day to take this course.

Master freediver course

The Master Freediver course is your step towards becoming a freedive instructor. After completion of the course you will be allowed to assist instructors and it will prepare you to assist other freedivers on their freedive journey. During the course you will improve your static and dynamic apnea as well as your maximum freediving depth. Furthermore you will improve your safety knowledge, equalisation, free immersion, constant weight, breathing and posture techniques. At the end of this course you will be able to freedive to depth of maximum 40 metres and much more…

The course will be divided into a theory session, confined water session and open water session one and two. Each session has different exercises that you will have to complete in order to become a freedive master.

* Prerequisite to do this course is a PADI Freediver + Advanced Freediver course certificate or qualifying certification from another training organisation and a valid EFR certificate (first emergency responder). If you are not a first responder yet you can take this one day course first.