Diving with a disability. TH

Scuba diving is an exciting activity which can be enjoyed by almost everyone.

If you think having a disability will not allow you to dive, think again! For most people the experience of being in a weightless environment gives them an unexpected new feeling of freedom, it allows people to move around in the water free of the restraints they might face on land. Skills we either have or lack tend not to matter that much once we are in the water.

Next to being a great and relaxing sport and learning about the underwater world, diving also has numerous advantages in social, mental and physical rehabilitation.

At BB divers we have experience with diving and teaching Padi courses to people with a physical disability such as wheelchair users, blind divers, people who are partially paralyzed… Diving also has proven to be very beneficial for people with certain mental handicaps.

Almost everyone can dive, make a discover dive or even obtain a PADI dive certificate.

The key skills in scuba diving such as buoyancy control, can be mastered with most disabilities, it just takes some adjusting. With BB divers we offer all PADI courses and teach with adaptive techniques.

The diving courses are conducted by adaptive teaching trained PADI instructors or instructors trained by DDI (Disabled Divers International).

The Bang Bao pier where BB divers’ center is located is easily accessible for wheelchair users, which is quite rare in Thailand. The pier is a small village where you will find shops, restaurants and a good variety in accommodation.

 ‘’No one is disabled underwater… at the end of the day, we are all divers”